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Cathy Jordan & Feargal Murray

Cathy Jordan & Feargal Murray
Cathy Jordan, a celebrated figure in the realm of Irish music renowned for her hauntingly beautiful voice and her prominent role as the face and voice of Dervish, joins forces with Feargal Murray, originally from Derry, for a special concert set in Fingal. This unique event promises to deliver the stirring melodies of beloved Irish songs expertly arranged, ensuring an enchanting evening filled with vibrant atmosphere and entertainment. Cathy Jordan’s impressive career includes memorable collaborations with music icons like James Brown, the Buena Vista Social Club, and Sting, among others. Feargal Murray has likewise left his mark, working alongside various artists including James Galway, Ronan Keating, Maire Brennan (the voice of Clannad), Phil Coulter, Finbar Wright, and the Celtic Tenors. Currently, he is actively involved in several projects, including co-writing Maire Brennan’s upcoming album.

CONCERTS BY Cathy Jordan & Feargal Murray

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