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Gerry O’Connor

Gerry O’Connor
Gerry O’Connor, a banjo virtuoso, has explored diverse musical genres, from Irish to bluegrass, and other traditional music from across the globe. His mastery of the four-string banjo is lauded by critics, drawing comparisons to iconic players like Bela Fleck and Alison Brown. As a member of “Four Men and a Dog,” he recorded with rock legends “THE BAND” and toured worldwide. Gerry’s session work includes contributions to Michael Flatley‘s “Lord of the Dance,” Christy Moore‘s “Folk Tale,” and Chris Rea‘s “Dancing Down the Stoney Road.” He has collaborated with renowned artists and performed for US President Bill Clinton. Gerry’s solo albums showcase his versatility, blending tradition with innovation, earning critical acclaim. He’s also been part of The Dublin Legends and joined Joe Bonamassa‘s acoustic band.

CONCERTS BY Gerry O’Connor

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