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Janis Ian

Janis Ian
Janis Ian, a world renowned songwriter with iconic hits like “Society’s Child” and “At Seventeen,” holds a guiding sign above her workspace, urging her to avoid being trapped by her past triumphs. After over five decades of audacious songwriting, she embraces a new milestone at 70: her final album, “The Light at the End of the Line”. Ian emphasizes the value of the journey’s culmination, and her album showcases 12 intimate songs reflecting her journey. Collaborating with long-time producer Randy Leago, she produced the powerful anthem “Resist,” addressing the oppression of women. With “The Light at the End of the Line,” Ian explores and vulnerably reflects, marking a graceful 58-year songwriting career. Amidst Grammy wins and a multifaceted journey, Ian’s work remains relevant, tackling themes of race and isolation. Her principle objective of not being confined by her legacy propels her ongoing evolution.


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