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Formed in 1997, Lúnasa, named after the Celtic harvest festival, emerged as an “Irish music dream team” blending members from prominent Irish groups. Initially praised for their intricate arrangements, they redefined traditional music, earning global acclaim. With over a quarter-million records sold and 2,000 shows in 36 countries, they’re hailed as “the hottest Irish acoustic band on the planet.” Collaborations with artists like Natalie Merchant expanded their influence, solidifying their place in Irish music. The current lineup, including members from The Waterboys and Riverdance, tours their 2018 album “Cas,” breaking new ground and earning accolades as a testament to Lúnasa’s brilliance.


Ralph McTell, Lúnasa, Declan O’Rourke, Camille O’Sullivan

In 2024 Ralph will celebrate his 80th birthday, and to mark his special year he...