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Nuala Kennedy

Nuala Kennedy
Nuala Kennedy, a distinguished traditional singer and flutist originally from Dundalk, now calls Clare, Ireland home. Her latest album ‘Shorelines’ (2023, Under the Arch Records) draws inspiration from Clare’s coastal beauty and features notable collaborations, including virtuoso Tara Breen and guitarist Tony Byrne. Nuala’s gift for reinventing traditional melodies is rooted in her Dundalk upbringing and refined in Scotland. Beyond traditional music, Nuala’s influence extends to diverse projects like ‘Celtic Soundtracks / Movie Themes’ and her collaboration with composer Brian Reitzell on ‘American Gods’. Her production finesse shines on albums like Nels Andrews’ ‘Pigeon and the Crow’. She’s also contributed her vocals to fellow artist Janis Ian. From revered festival stages to magazine covers, Nuala’s impact reverberates globally. Her genre-blurring music is a testament to her exceptional mastery and boundless creativity.

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