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Timothy O’Grady

Timothy O’Grady
Timothy O’Grady was born in Chicago. When he was twenty-two he migrated to Gola Island, off the coast of Gweedore in Donegal. Since then he has lived in Dublin, London, Spain and Poland. He is the author of eight books. His novels are Motherland, I Could Read the Sky, a collaboration with the photographer Steve Pyke, and Light. Monaghan, set in Belfast, the Irish borderlands and the two coasts of America, will be published in 2024. His non-fiction books are Curious Journey: The IRA and Cumann na mBan 1916-1923 (video link to linked film below), On Golf and Divine Magnetic Lands, an account of a return journey to the United States after thirty years of living in Europe, published in 2008. His book Children, based on interviews with people who grew up in Las Vegas, was published in 2016. He was an early attendee of Féile an Phobail.

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