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The Norseman
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MEGA-Trad is comprised of two brothers from the musical O'Dalaigh family and Dennis McAuliffe, a local legend on the mandolin to the regions of West Clare.
The brothers Cillian and Sean come from East Clare, and have grown up steeped in the rich culture of Irish Music, Song and Dance surrounded by the rest of the O'Dalaigh Clan.

Cillian and Dennis both studied in UL together, and a short few years later Sean was to follow his older brother's footsteps in joining the same course, making them all graduates of University of Limerick's renowned BA Irish Music and Dance.
The concept for MEGA-Trad came about when the gang, asked to provide entertainment for what has now become their stomping ground in Limerick; The Glen Tavern, decided to try something new, and so brought whatever pedals and stompbox/beat'n'bass machines they had lying around. What happened next was even unexpected to them, since no rehearsals had been set beforehand. Just pure feel.

And that is what MEGA-Trad is about: Improvisation around concepts, playing while listening instead of to an arrangement sheet, and tailoring each performance to the occasion at hand. And so, every performance of MEGA-Trad will be completely unique and never to be heard in that particular arrangement again, guaranteeing each audience authenticity and a once in a lifetime experience of immersive, contemporary, rich and lively Irish Traditional Music of the 21st Century.