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The Old Storehouse

TULUA are a traditional Irish fusion band hailing from the southeast of Ireland. Meaning ‘Becoming More‘, TULUA have been deeply exploring and sharing their music which has achieved them national and international success. Since their EP release in 2020 they have played around the world, at festivals such as Milwaukee Irish Fest, La Crosse Irish Fest, TradFest Temple Bar, Kilkenny TradFest, Phil Murphy Weekend, and supporting renown acts such as Atlantic Arc, Fergal Scahill & Ryan Molloy, Cormac Begley, and many more, whilst also exclusively performing to their sold out concerts in the National Opera House. They have been on shows such as the internationally successful ‘Ireland with Michael’ which premiers on PBS and also appear regularly on radio stations across the country and have been shortlisted in Hot Press’ ‘Irish Music of the Month’ in 2021.

Through their involvement within the traditional Irish music world, TULUA discovered a strong passion for bringing traditional tunes and songs to the forefront of fusion and to explore the possibilities within their roots. They carefully blend this with other genres to create a sound unique to them with many describing their music as ‘beautifully mystical‘ and ‘full of driving energy‘. They look forward to sharing their musical journey with everyone as they explore and express the possibilities within Irish traditional music.