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TradFest is a celebration of Irish identity through music. Each January, it showcases the best of established and emerging musical talent at a landmark festival which is rooted in the historic and atmospheric setting of Temple Bar, Dublin’s cultural quarter. At TradFest, you’ll have the chance to experience the very best live music in Dublin.


TradFest is reimagining and redefining Irish music and reaching growing Irish and international audiences at live events and through digital media. It adopts a fluid approach to programming and is constantly curating the best of established Irish traditional and folk musicians with emerging performers, some of whom got their career breaks and opportunities to perform at international events through TradFest.


From modest beginnings in 2005, where small and often spontaneous sessions in pubs spilled out onto the cobbled streets of Temple Bar, TradFest has become a leading cultural event in Dublin. TradFest aims to share the joy of Irish music and culture globally, to constantly innovate in how it curates exceptional talent and to build a vibrant community across the world who revel in the music.

About, TradFest 2025


TradFest provides audiences with the unique experience of enjoying Irish music and culture in intimate and historical settings while platforming the very best of established and emerging artists.

Tickets will become available on this website when our 2025 programme will be announced in Autumn 2024.

Temple Bar, Dublin has a huge variety of options which you can explore here.

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