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Sustainability at TradFest

sustainability & travel

The arts and culture industries rely on travel to work well from audience travel to touring to commuting, so it’s important that we understand our impact and create policies that support the industry to travel as sustainably as possible. Arts and culture also have an important role in shaping and influencing the behaviour of audiences and society which can include their actions towards sustainable travel.

Where possible we encourage all of our audiences to take public transport. According to SEAI, transport is by far the largest source of energy-related CO2 emissions in Ireland. Although late nights are by certainly no means discouraged here at TradFest, starting your night with public transport and ending it with a taxi is a quick and easy way of being sustainable.
Travel Card:

We strongly recommend buying a Leap Card. This will give you quick and easy discounted travel across buses, trains and trams in Dublin City. 90 minutes worth of travel on a Leap Card costs just €2. For buses you tap once upon entry, with the tram and the train you must tap on and off. Leap Cards can be bought and topped up at most newsagents and shops (excluding Tesco, Lidl and Aldi) and even in the airport. Although you can use small change on most services, the bus does not offer change or take notes, a Leap Card is a good alternative to cash.


By Plane:

If you are travelling by plane, you have 3 options of transport to the city. You can take the 16 bus, Aircoach is another affordable option and can be booked in advance. Finally, you can take a taxi, it is relatively easy to find one outside the airport.


All of our events, shows, talks and workshops end in time to get public transport to and from your accommodation/home, within Dublin and surrounding areas covered by public transport.

Central Venues:

A large majority of our concerts, talks and workshops are all within walking distance from each other, and conveniently nearby to a lot of buses. Central Streets that will take you near any one of these venues are: Dame Street, George’s Street, Innis Quay, Ormand Quay Upper, Wellington Quay, Wood Quay, Essex Quay, Merchant’s Quay, Usher’s Quay.

Button Factory

Castle Hall
The Grand Social
The Ark
Google Maps is an amazing tool for finding out how to get to where you want to go. When you google map a venue/address, look for the bus stop number it is telling you to get on/off at and then head over to the TFI app/website. Here you can input the stop number of the bus you wish to jump on, and it will give you accurate real time info of what time your bus is due to come. Although the Luas does not cover as much areas as our bus system, it is a fast and reliable transport method. Head over to the Luas website for real time info.

Traveling to other Venues

Not all of our other venues are as close to each other, however there are plenty of ways to get to them via public transport, and plenty to see and do once you get there!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral:

As one of our most impressive venues, we encourage you to get down and explore for yourself. Although a concert here is a fantastic way to see the inside of the church, the park outside it is also beautiful, and is surrounded by lots of cafes, bars and restaurants, and even a market on Sundays!

Bus: 27, 49, 54A, 56A, 77A, 150

The National Stadium:

The National Stadium has a wealth of options to eat and drink nearby to enable you to walk to the venue after a meal or a drink. It is also located just a short walk from the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and a 27-minute walk from Temple Bar.

By Bus: 122, 16, 27, 68

National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks

Bus Line: 37, 39, 39A, 60, 70, Dublin Express 782

Red Line Luas – Museum Stop.

Collins Barracks is only a 20-minute walk from Temple Bar!

The Pepper Canister Church:

Another stunning venue just outside the city centre. There are beautiful walks to be had around here, weather permitting, as the church sits nearby the canal, and is only a short walk to Merrion Square and Fitzwilliam Park.

By Bus: 40, 40D, 83, N4

By Train: Grand Canal Station

Fingal Venues

Sword’s Castle

Another unique and historic location, Swords Castle is an early medieval castle originally built in the early 13th century. Located in the heart of Swords Village, which is about 45 minutes to an hour away from Temple Bar by public transport. Take the dart along the coast towards Malahide or hop on the 197, 41, 41B, 41X, 33B and 43. Why not make a morning/day of it and grab some food while you’re out there. There are plenty of lovely bars and restaurants just a short walk from the venue.

Malahide Castle

This spectacular castle which you may have seen on TradFest TV The Fingal Sessions, dates back even further to the 12th century and lies close to the beautiful village of Malahide. As part of the Malahide Demesne Regional Park, this castle lies on some beautiful gardens about a 25-minute drive from the city centre and just a 10-minute drive Dublin Airport. Travel by bus and take the 32 or the 42 straight to the village from the city, from the direction of the airport you can take the 102 and of course there is also the Dart which offers stunning coastal views.


Located in the heart of Dublin 15, this arts centre is steadfastly committed to serving its local community and influencing arts practice far beyond. This purpose-built space, Draíocht, meaning magic, denotes their mission to sharing the magic of the arts to both the local community and further afield. As part of the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre complex, this theatre is very easy to get to by public transport, with routes 39, 39a, 76a, 236, 238 and 270 all serving this area.

Seamus Ennis Arts Centre

An award-winning performance arts venue in the heart of The Naul village, this immersive and diverse cultural centre is not one to be missed this TradFest with 4 full days of programming. By public transport this centre can be reached by the dart to Balbriggan Station and then 195 bus.
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