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Brigid Mae Power

Brigid Mae Power
Brigid Mae Power, an Irish singer-songwriter known for her dreamy folk influenced pop, is preparing to release her new album titled ‘Dream From The Deep Well’ this summer. The album showcases a unique blend of traditional elements and modern melodies, serving as a captivating backdrop to her beautiful vocals. Brigid’s music effortlessly transitions between past and present, combining heavenly vocals with insightful and earthbound lyrics. The album delves into personal narratives involving family, love, and loss, presenting a reimagined form of folk music for contemporary listeners.

Having received critical acclaim for her previous albums, including the autobiographical ‘Head Above The Water’ in 2020, Brigid Mae Power continues to showcase her artistry by skillfully interpreting songs from various genres and infusing them with her unique style. Her music carries a political and social consciousness while enveloping listeners in a melancholic and immersive musical experience.

CONCERTS BY Brigid Mae Power

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