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Carlos Núñez

Carlos Núñez
Carlos Nuñez, the poster boy of Galician music, skillfully plays the local bagpipes, known as gaita, with the prowess of Hendrix, while also delving into the roots and origins of the tradition. As one of Spain’s most prominent musicians, he has played a crucial role in reviving the Galician musical heritage. Galicia, in northern Spain, shares strong Celtic ties with Ireland and Scotland, and Nuñez has explored these connections, as well as other musical influences such as flamenco, North African, and Middle Eastern sounds. During the oppressive Franco regime, regional music in Spain, including Galician music, was suppressed, but Nuñez’s dedication to researching and revitalizing the lost traditions began while he was studying Baroque music at the Madrid Conservatory. He started his musical journey at a young age, learning to play the pipes at 8 years old and performing internationally by the age of 13. His encounter with Paddy Moloney of the Chieftains at the Lorient Celtic Festival in France further fueled his passion for Galician music, leading to collaborations and recordings with the Chieftains and his solo debut album, “Brotherhood of Stars.” This album, featuring over 50 artists, was a breakthrough for Galician music, bringing it to national prominence and becoming the first Celtic album to achieve platinum status in Spain. Nuñez continued to explore musical connections, leading to his album “Os Amores Libres” in 2000, featuring over 80 guest artists, whilst showcasing his versatility and scholarship in the genre, and solidifying his position as a pioneering figure in Galician music.

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