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Freddie White

Freddie White
Freddie White is a prominent figure in Ireland’s music scene, known for his exceptional talent. From the 1970s, he’s been a fixture in live music, with albums that draw a devoted fan base. Born in Cobh, Co. Cork, he started playing professionally at 17 and honed his skills in London. His early recordings, re-released in 2004, remain beloved. He co-founded ‘Scullion’ in 1974 and later formed ‘The Fake,’ a renowned folk-rock Irish band. The Freddie White Band, established in 1978, toured with Eric Clapton. Notable albums of White’s include ‘Live on Tour’ and ‘Do You Do,’ introducing diverse music to Irish audiences. His discography continues with ‘Long Distance Runner,’ ‘Close To You,’ and ‘Straight Up,’ each showcasing his songwriting talents. Collaborations with artists like Ann O’Sullivan led to ‘My Country’ in 1999, co-produced with Declan Sinnott. He revisited early successes with the 2002 release ‘Lost and Found.’ After time in the USA, White returned in 2004 with ‘Four Days in May.’ Collaborations with Jimmy MacCarthy and Jim Barrett led to ‘Stormy Lullaby’ in 2008. ‘Here With You’ (2012) and ‘Prodigal Songs’ explored various themes such as the power of love and music. His 14th album, ‘One Heart Beating,’ came out in 2018. Moving between Australia, New York, and Ireland, Freddie’s performances encompass both new material and classics from his four-decade career. Siobhán Long from the Irish Times said it well when she stated; “There’s still nobody to match Freddie White at his best.”

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