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Lumiere is a musical duo consisting of Éilís Kennedy and Pauline Scanlon, both hailing from the town of Dingle in Kerry, Ireland. Their music revolves around the power of song and the emotional connection it evokes, transcending technicalities and focusing on genuine expression. Lumiere has captivated audiences globally, from intimate local venues to grand concert halls, as they offer authentic music that communicates real emotions. The duo’s approach is rooted in the rich west Kerry singing tradition, and their live performances showcase the beauty of this tradition.

While both artists have pursued solo projects, their innate desire to sing together has persisted, and they have now re-emerged with renewed creativity, bringing forth new stories and reviving old songs in a fresh light. Lumiere’s music explores themes of love, loss, longing, and connection to place and people, capturing the essence of these experiences for the modern age while honoring the sacred and timeless nature of traditional music.


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