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Paul Frost Brass Band

Paul Frost Brass Band
8 piece brass band led by Paul Frost, collaborating with Kíla on their new project Kíla le Práis, and featuring on their new single ‘Raise the Road’ If there’s anything that could top a live Kíla performance, it’s a live Kíla performance with an 8-piece brass band. Witnessing this 16 piece at full throttle is something of a sonic celebration. Paul Frost’s arrangements have fused funk, mambo and New Orleans jazz to Kíla’s compositions, adding a new depth of sound and an even bigger sizzle to their already cracking tracks. So prepare to have your toes tickled, your hips wiggled and danced into a euphoric state because this is the brassiest rhythm and tunes you’re ever likely to hear. The idea was concieved by founding member and present mananger Rossa Ó Snodaigh who sourced funding from Liatroim Live Performance scheme in 2021 with a view to perform the musical spectacular in the Glens Arts Centre in the North West ón New Year’s Eve. Rossa had often imagined what a brass band might sound like with the band’s music and the fund gave him the opportunity to commission the trombonist and brass arranger Paul Frost to apply his magic to their music. While Kíla included some brass on various tracks over the years, an eight piece ensemble would be a brand new venture, not only for Kíla but for Irish music itself. But that christmass’s covid lockdown nearly caused the performance to be canceled. But by foregoing a live audience the scheduled live broadcast allowed that anyone with wifi could watch the gig live on ther FaceBook page. The concert was a roaring success with audiences in countries all over the world interacting and sending platitudes. But the chance to perform it again wouldn’t come untill September but to a seated audience in the Pavilion in Dún Laoghaire. This then prompted them to record these tracks and to be released them as an album on st Patrick’s Day with a single release ón the 27th of Jan at their anual Féile Kíla in the National stadium.

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