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Shane Hennessy

Shane Hennessy
Fresh from 2023 appearances on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and at the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival in Kansas, Shane Hennessy has established himself as one of the leading guitarists on the world stage. Billed as “one of the most exciting live performers of his generation, with an ability to move between styles and genres with ease” by Irish Music Magazine, audiences can never be too sure what will come next during the exciting mix of jazz, blues, country, soul, traditional Irish music, and world music he offers. His energetic live performances showcase his unique combination of fingerstyle, flatpicking, and percussive guitar-playing approaches. With the addition of some smooth vocals and genre-hopping improvisations, it makes sense why music legend super-producer Nile Rodgers (CHIC) thinks that “his style is killer”, and why guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel says that Shane “transcends the guitar the same way Muhammed Ali transcended boxing”.

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