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Walking Trad – Free Walking Tour

3 Crowne Alley
10:30AM & 1PM

Step into the heart of Ireland's rich musical history with our Dublin Musical Tour! Our expert local balladeer and storyteller leads you on a distinctive walking tour filled with history, charm, and the soul-stirring magic of Irish music.


This truly unique tour offers a delightful narrative that spans the centuries. Traverse the tales of Dublin's 18th Century 'Hell,' delve into songs dating back to the 9th Century, and gain a profound understanding of how music has woven the fabric of Irish identity and continues to shape the vibrant contemporary Irish music and folk scene.


With plenty of opportunities to join in on the fun and sing along, crowd participation is highly encouraged. Don't miss out on two hours of pure musical magic!

This is a free walking tour, however tickets must be booked to reserve your place. Book here.


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