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Make A Woolly Woodland

The Ark
10:15 AM & 12:15 PM
Woolly Woodland

Make A Woolly Woodland

Join textile artist Niki Collier and transform wool into a beautiful felt woodland picture of your very own in this workshop for school groups as part of TradFest Children's Hub 2024.

Have a go at this fun way to create your own unique artwork with wool! Using colourful wool fibres, a few drops of warm water and some soap, Niki will guide you through the process. We'll look at images of native Irish woodlands and animals for ideas.

Maybe you'll decide to use your wool to draw a robin, fox, hare or red squirrel in your felt picture? Or even a sheep?


Duration: 1 hr 15 mins


Schools tickets: €7 (€5 Early Bird*). Teachers go free.


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