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Music Therapy through Trad

Collins Barracks
10AM, 11AM, 2PM
music therapy

An experiential introduction to Music Therapy through the medium of Irish Traditional Music.

Music therapy is an evidence-based practice based on the concept of the communication power of music that is inherent in all humans. In Ireland, the number of qualified music therapists has increased enormously in the last 22 years since the first and only master’s programme in music therapy began in the University of Limerick.

This introduction will consist of 3 x 45-minute music therapy sessions incorporating playing a range of diverse music instruments, song singing to preferred music material and a guided relaxation session at the end of the session. This is open to all persons with an intellectual or physical disability in the mild to moderate range. It is also open to their carers if they wish to experience a live music therapy session.

Tommy Hayes has had a 20-year career as a music therapist and a 50-year career as a traditional percussionist. He qualified with a master’s degree from the University of limerick in 2002 and has worked in a variety of clinical situations over the years concentrating in intellectual disability and mental illness. In addition, he is a fellow of the American Society of Music and Imagery.


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Time Slots:

10am - 45 minutes Ages Up to 10 years

11am - 45 minutes Ages 10-17 years

2pm - 45 minutes Adults

Classes are limited to 8 people





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