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Malahide Castle

Malahide Castle
Dating back to 1475, the Hall was the hub of the medieval castle. Malahide Castle, and The Great Hall have played an important role throughout Irish history, surviving The Battle of the Boyne and penal laws. The Castle also offered military services during World War One where it was a mooring base for airships. Throughout history, The Great Hall would have held feasts and banquets for Lords and dignitaries and today, is a rare example of a Gaelic feasting room. Today, the hall is home to one of the most important collections of Jacobite portraits, displayed in their original setting, and includes 31 portraits acquired by the National Gallery of Ireland. The Great Hall at Malahide Castle is a hugely significant in Irish history, providing us with a rare example of a Gaelic feasting room. The magnificent medieval castle has a 800 year history dating back to 1174.

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