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Skerries Mills

Skerries Mills
Skerries Mills, located in North County Dublin, features two working windmills, a watermill, mill pond, races, and wetlands. This heritage center also houses a café and an award-winning craft shop. In the coastal town of Skerries, just 30km north of Dublin, you’ll find this unique collection of mills—one of Ireland’s top industrial heritage sites. Daily guided tours offer an opportunity to explore this hidden gem. Stone ground milling in Skerries dates back to the 16th century when the lands were owned by the Priory of Holmpatrick. Milling continued until the early 20th century, and a bakery that started in 1840 produced goods until the mid 1980s. After a decade-long restoration by Fingal County Council, FÁS, and the local community, the center is now open to the public year-round. The mills, pond, races, and wetlands are a focal point of Skerries Town Park, providing stunning coastal and island views.

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