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Swords Castle, The Chapel

Swords Castle, The Chapel
The Chapel is an unusually large chapel even for an archbishop’s residence. During the 1971 archaeological excavations a silver coin of Philip IV of France (1285-1314) known as a denier tournois was found near to the bottom of the north wall of the building. This suggested an early 14th century date for its construction. Burials were also uncovered outside the chapel and within the Archbishop’s apartments. Since 1995 the chapel has undergone extensive reconstruction including the addition of a new roof. New tiles were made based on those found during the 1971 excavations. New windows were inserted and new timber gallery was added showcasing the tradition craftsmanship on site. If you look up at the timber where the timber beams meet the walls there are a series of craved heads-these are based on the people working on the site at the time and include the faces of the foreman and the architect.

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