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The Séamus Ennis Arts Centre

The Séamus Ennis Arts Centre
The Séamus Ennis Arts Centre (TSEAC) is an award-winning performance arts venue, that offers the opportunity to immerse in a diverse range of cultural experiences including, live music performances, cinema, comedy, and cultural events whilst also working to develop the artistic talents of others through our range of workshops and thriving music school. Steeped in Irish history, The Séamus Ennis Arts Centre’s unique and intimate performance space is regarded by many as ‘A hidden Gem’ in the Irish culture scene, offering the opportunity to fully experience every show in a way that maintains the historic culture and delivery of traditional folklore and storytelling, earning us the name ‘Ireland’s Biggest Little Arts Centre’. A vibrant cultural hub of visual and performance art, education and more, The Séamus Ennis Arts Centre is a charity organisation owned and funded by Fingal County Council and gratefully receive additional supports from the Arts Council of Ireland as well as donations from our members, friends, patrons and visitors, which we use to continue to enrich people’s lives through art, culture, education and creativity whilst commemorating the work and life of the late Séamus Ennis without whom, our stories would be lost.

CONCERTS AT The Séamus Ennis Arts Centre

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