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Fin Furey

The Old Storehouse

A story-telling songwriter, Fin Furey explores a wide range of themes ranging from protest and liberation to dark and difficult love, and comical revelations about chemicals and the way they affect us. 

"Imagine the sonic offspring of Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, The Dubliners, and The Fureys, and you will resonate with Fin's marriage of sound" - PUNK HEAD.

This artist has an ability to grasp the attention of the listener and reel them into dark tales of loss and promise in search of solace, and within a few bars swings up into a sing-along chorus. His sound is radio-friendly with acoustic-pop-folk music offerings, at the same time he captures an intimacy and personal nature. "Taking his father’s legacy, Fin Furey is a narrative singer-songwriter who is regenerating Irish music with modernism and individuality" Illustrate Magazine.

Fin Furey's live performances blur the lines between a concert and a late-night bar lock-in raucous sing-song session. The unique sound of his music is a fusion of folk/blues and cinematic new-age traditional music. Born into a musical family, where the passion for music has been passed down through successive generations, Fin grew up on harmonies and anarchy describing how music “put food on the table and the clothes on our backs”.

What we have in Fin Furey is a legacy troubadour and storyteller from one of the most celebrated and beloved folk bands to ever come out of Ireland, The Fureys. Make way for the new generation, and one of the gatekeepers of Irish folk music: Fin Furey.




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