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Ispíní na hÉireann

The Old Storehouse

During a trip to Slovakia in 2017, Dublin born musicians banjo player  Adam J. Holohan and guitar player Tomás Mulligan discovered how much  they enjoyed playing music together and decided to start a band.  Not long after, while sitting at the bar of the famous Cobblestone Pub in  Dublin's Smithfield Square, and drinking the strongest ale the Four  Provinces Brewery had to offer, inspiration struck and they decided upon a  name; Ispíní na hÉireann, and thus the Sausages of Ireland was born.

As years went on the band grew to include cellist Aongus MacAmhlaigh,  bodhrán extraordinaire Cian ‘Kinko’ Ó Ceallaigh, and a saxophone and  Uilleann Pipes player Pádraig Óg Mac Aodhagáin to round out the greasy  ranks, as well as guest players from all over the island.

Ispíní na hÉiereann’s music is a combination of original songs as well as  reimagined covers and tunes, all influenced by the Irish musical tradition.  There are layers of subtext and commentary, and a genuine method to all  the madness. And as with any great art it is left open to the interpretation  of the listener. It is up to the audience to decide whether or not this is all  waffle, or if deeper meaning can be found amidst the chaotic noise.

On October 28, 2022 Ispíní na hÉiereann proudly debuted their album,  The Hard Working Men. It is the result of years of effort, frustration, and  spontaneous brainfarts, and they hope that somewhere along the way it  can make you crack a smile.

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