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Indistinct Chatter

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Aoife Kelly and Alannah Thornburgh (Indistinct Chatter) 

These two met on tour and discovered their love for folk and alternative traditional music. Alannah Thornburgh is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist and composer with a focus on Irish harp. Alannah’s music explores her family’s musical heritage, reimagining ancient airs and tunes from the Irish harping and American folk & jazz traditions. This cross-genre interaction and juxtaposition of old melodies with contemporary harmonies and technique, carries through her original compositions, creating an innovative style described as ‘unforced, fluid & utterly at home in her own sound’ (The Irish Times).

Aoife has been touring the world internationally as a professional musician over 15 years. She is classically trained, plays Irish traditional music and electric contemporary violin. Aoife has had the opportunity to work as a solo artist in the corporate arena and as a part of some incredible musical ensembles over the years. She currently provides electric strings for Dec Pierce's Block Rockin' Beats has enjoyed a summer of touring with the DJ ensemble selling out large venues such as the Fairview Park and Electric Picnic Rankin Stage. She is a composer, arranger, lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist for the Irish Trad fusion band Jiggy and has toured internationally with this group for many years. She has also toured with Irish fusion band Kila, American-Irish punk band The Dropkick Murphys, Dublin-based Kodaline and Little Green Cars amongst others. Aoife is passionate about maximising her audience's experience and making sure the atmosphere is electric and full of energy, incorporating constant movement and flow and making her show as crowd interactive as possible.

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